Studio MP - Interior Design

Our mission is to reinvent your interior space, without encroaching on the physical structure. We invite you to recreate your living environment, by designing a new space that reflects your wants and needs.

We provide design advice regarding the creation of harmony, atmosphere and style, as well as the selection of colors, upholstery, fixtures and accessories.

We offer suggestion and guidance on paint, materials and furniture choices in order to create a pleasant warm atmosphere that meets your expectations. We will present a selection of furniture and materials from our in-house designers as well as from our partners.

During our 1h30 in-home consultation, we discuss your project, your desires and your wishes with the goal of designing a space that truly reflects who you are.

We work closely together to define your needs. We share design ideas and make suggestions for optimizing your space. We also create mood boards for each room to help you finalize your choice of materials and furniture.


Fees: First in-home appointment (1h30)  –  $200.

Within 2 – 3 week : follow-up appointment at the show-room,  to review the mood boards – $150 per mood board.

''Some are always looking for beautiful interiors. We are passionate in creating them.''



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